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Synopsis: In the news we see the freed Nelson Mandela with his fist held up in pride, reports about the struggles of Navarly, The Mauritanian, Kashoggi, and Julia Assange. In Myanmar people tattooed Aung… face and Ai Wei Wei has left Shanghai where the authorities destroyed his studio. When Angela Davis came to Berlin in 2015 to support refugees who occupied an abandoned school in Berlin, seeking to run it as a refugee managed centre, she told them that the refugee movement is the most important cause of the 21st century. Like many young dissenters all over the world, they represent a universal call for freedom. Adam, Alnour and Napuli are amongst the courageous protagonists of civil courage who speak up against tyranny in their own countries, demanding the kind of sustainable change young people deserve. The documentary is a tribute to those who will stand up, who continue to speak truth to power, guardians of our consciousness, the locus of right and wrong, the fight to challenge power where power is a force of denial which strangles, kills or obliterates the soul.

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