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Cubans at the Edge of the Berlin Wall

a journey into exile

a documentary by Ricardo Bacalao

Producer: Ricardo Bacalao

Executive Producer: Francesca Dziadek


54’ | DCP | DVD | original Spanish / German Yoruba version with English subtitles

Sheffield Doc Fest 2019 - Doc Player Selection

German Films / German Documentaries 2017


Synopsis: When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 three young Cuban citizens living in the ex GDR find themselves catapulted in the West overnight. Ricardo, Teresa and Jorge respectively a refugee musician, a visual artist and a translator who was persecuted by the Stasi and the Cuban secret services, soon discover that the free market is not a free ride. Amir an acclaimed Cuban writer whose controversial analysis of prostitution was censored in Cuba finds haven in Germany thereby losing the right to ever return to his native Havana. Today they look back, the courage it took to break away and the personal and emotional costs of separation and exile.

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