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A journey into exile

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 many citizens of former countries allied to the ex German Democratic Republic (GDR) suddenly found themselves catapulted into the West. Practically overnight they faced the no-way-back decision of returning to their countries or remaining in the West, as stateless exiles. Many of them, like Jorge, a Cuban translator who was persecuted and imprisoned by the STASI secret police as well as the Cuban government, soon discover that the free market is not a free ride. A long journey into exile begins. Until today the loss of home and memories still haunt him. A portrait of migration, exile and integration which confronts head on the meaning of loss of home and whether there can be peace without the pieces. 

Cubans at the Edge of the Berlin Wall  - a journey into exile

German Documentaries 2017

German Films 

English Title: Cubans at the End of the Berlin Wall - a journey into exile

Festivals: Sheffield Doc Fest Market Player

54 min | DCP | DVD | original Spanish/German/Yoruba version with English subtitles

Producers: Francesca Dziadek, Ricardo Bacallao

Production company: State of Change UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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